May 18 Photo Shoot with Mark Schafer





All photos were taken by Mark Schafer. None of the photos on our website were retouched. These behind the scenes photos were taken by Rachel G.

Thank you all for those who made it a successful day.                                                        


THABER, a small woman owned business hires other women, but also other small businesses in New York City.  I would like to thank the following people who made this launch a success. Your support, kindness, and generous spirit have made this an enjoyable journey. Thank you!

Julie (aka Mommy), Charlie, Mark, Trilby, Bianca, Kay, Sheri, Peter, Heather, Marco, Kathryn, Ryan, Izzy, Satsuki, Alex, Julie HA,  Scott, Jen, Rachel, Sara, Sawako, Tricia, and Spencer.

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