Our Brand:

We are a small woman owned and operated business. We aim to create jobs for other women as well as other small independent businesses. Our clothing is produced in New York City's garment district. 

We are environmentally conscious, producing limited number of garments. We also make sure our carbon footprint is small by hiring and producing locally.

We design pieces that are versatile, functional, and cut perfectly. We want every person who wears THABER to be comfortable and stylish. We want you to see the way the garments fit and look, so we did not retouch the photographs.  

We offer you freedom from ordinary athletic wear!



What is a THABER “launch”?

-We launch with a new collection every 4 months or so. 

-Every launch only comes out with an average of 50 pieces per style.

-Once it is sold out, you will have to wait for the next new collection.


How can I find out when the next launch is?

-Sign up to be on our email list and you can be the first to know when our next launch will happen.


What if I miss out on an item?

-If you miss out on an item, make sure to put it in your wishlist. If there is enough interest, we may remake it.


Will some pieces make a come back?

-Items that are popular may make a come back. 

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